The Rising Tide
A Sidney Lake Lowcountry Mystery
Reader comments on The Rising Tide
I really like the way you set up the mystery in the first chapter. Very effective. The story moves   along
seamlessly. I found it hard to put the book down.
    - E. Compton Lee - Author of Native

       You may want to pick up this really good mystery set in the lowcountry. I enjoyed it!
   -Ellen C Priest - Sommerville Journal Scene

    Enjoyed it and looking forward to a sequel.
    - G W M

    Totally enjoyed
    - J B

          I'm hooked. Love the characters and the location. Looking forward to the next one.
        - AG
About the book
Midsummer in the lowcountry of South Carolina is a dreamy, quiet time.
Professor Sidney Lake uses this respite for literary research and
planning his next semester, but his Gullah housekeeper, Tillie James, has
other plans for him. She needs his help in dealing with a touchy subject:
the death of George Reed and the suspicions it aroused that his wife
Becky was involved, even though the coroner and the police chief
declared Reed’s death an unfortunate accident. As the police are in the
business of catching the guilty and have no interest in proving someone
innocent, it’s up to Lake and Tillie—along with his graduate assistant, the
local minister and a retired policeman—to save Becky Reeds reputation.
The proof of her innocence seems to rest on the quirks of the rising and
falling tide in the marsh where George died. But the search for truth
turns out to be more than Sidney bargained for—and suddenly, his life
and those of his friends are on the line…
Quotes of note:
“I know she didn’t do it.  She’s a good woman; a nice lady.  She’s one of my church ladies.  No, she didn’t do it.  It was an axident.  I just know it.” - Tillie James

“She didn’t kill him.” - Tillie James

“If the police haven’t charged her, who claims she killed him?  I find all of this hard to believe, Tillie.  I’ve met the Reeds and none of this makes any sense.” -
Sidney Lake
It’s Mystery Monday Nov. 5, 2018

When George Reed’s body was found floating in the SC lowcountry marsh, what was the initial reaction of the police?

A) Reed fell off his boat and his wife left him to drown.
B) Reed had too much to drink, fell overboard and accidentally drowned as his boat drifted away.
C) Reed’s wife, in a conspiracy with the local coroner, murdered Reed and made his death look like a boating accident.
D) Reed was murdered by his wife’s lover, who tried to hide the body in the tall marsh grass.

The Answer?
(B) Reed had too much to drink, fell overboard and accidentally drowned as his boat drifted away.
It’s Mystery Monday Nov. 12, 2018

What was George Reed’s murdered looking for when Reed was killed?
A) A strong box filled with jewels.
B) A camera
C) The location of a stolen car.

The answer?
B) A camera.
It’s Mystery Monday Nov. 27,2018

Where was George Reed murdered?
A) On his boat.
B) On his friend’s boat.
C) On an island in the marsh.

The answer?
 B) On his friend’s boat.