The Sidney Lake
Mystery Series
The Sidney Lake series features a retired professor of Victorian Literature,
Sidney Lake, and his Gullah housekeeper, Tillie James. The two live an
ordinary, quiet existence along with Lake’s Labrador retriever—Mickey, until
Tillie becomes upset about something that has happened to an acquaintance
in the fictitious lowcountry college town of Morgan, SC. Morgan sits on the
lowcountry coast between Edisto and Beaufort. The action stretches from
Charleston to Savannah.
What's coming:

The Murder of Amos Dunn

Release date: September 7, 2019

A convenience store owner is killed at work and the police believe it
was a robbery gone awry, but Tillie convinces Sidney that a
mysterious book-of-numbers is behind it.


Could a renowned forger of material attributed to Victorian authors
be the creator of a note believed to have been written by Anne
Bronte? Sidney Lake isn't sure but the death of a local book collector
and lawyer seems very suspecious.