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What the Mirror Doesn't See
by Tim Holland
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    It is 1993, the banking world is in turmoil, and in New Jersey there
    is outright panic. The big New York banks and emerging regionals
    are gobbling up everything in the state. Every financial institution is
    now both predator and prey. The Fed has opened the floodgates, and
    traditional banking ethics are disappearing. At a used book sale, Jim
    Fairmont, a career banker having worked for First State Bank for
    more than twenty-five years, finds a blank, signed invoice belonging
    to an auto parts supplier. The document is contained in a box of
    books donated by Larry McBride, a new-breed, brash, thirty-three-
    year-old former New York banker. McBride had been hired by First
    State Bank to give it credibility in its defensive entry into
    international banking and who, like Jim, is an avid book collector.
    Alerted by McBride’s strange behavior at the book sale as he
    searched for something, which Jim suspects was the invoice, Jim
    begins to investigate McBride’s relationships with some of First
    State’s customers. What he uncovers is much bigger than he ever
    imagined, involving clearly unethical conduct and questionable
    international asset movements. His discoveries put him in the sights
    of New Jersey’s underworld who are determined to protect
    McBride and his clients, placing not only Jim’s life in danger, but
    those of his close associates’ as well.

    Learned a lot about trade finance. Very interesting. Thought it would be too technical but it worked. It had to be technical. Really  liked
    the characters. Great story. EB
    I loved your new book. Read it on the way to Germany. It was great. All that international finance manipulation was fascinating and
    really amazing. CS
    I'm really into the book What the Mirror Doesn't See. It's very interesting and full of lessons for today even though it takes place in
    1993. The development of both character and plot are very relaxed and the story sneaks up on you. The dialogue has me rivited it's so
    real.  Outstanding and a very nice job! MKH
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